Molten Warming – Temporary Installation Dec. 2019

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Project Description:
For the Fall 2019 Semester, at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Professors John Greg, Billy Dufala and Steven Dufala assigned their Found Materials Class to work as a group on the development of a temporary art installation.
Location and Materials were minimally supplied, and there were only 2 three hour classes provided for conceptualization, construction, and final performance.
On day one, students were split up and experimented with the few materials provided. Afterward, the groups pitched three different ideas.

By the end, five people were assigned roles by the professors, and work began on the installation ‘Molten Warming.’ Using only aluminum foil tape sheets, string, and plastic structural racks — the group created a stage and transformed an unfinished room into a silver ocean.
Costumes and props were also created from foil sheets. Aluminum was harnessed as a source of light reflection, movement, sound, and space.

Chairman: John Greg, Billy Dufala, Steven Dufala
Artist: Manager: Madeline Good
Director: Eustace Francis
Performance Director:  Abbey Lakey
Stage/Structure Director: Diana Laura
Documentation: Jesse Best (Videographer), Marley Edelman (Photographer), Eva Samuels (Photographer)
Costume Designer: Maria Grajales
Performerce: Rebecca Segal, Nikki Fraticelli, Grace Meredith, Eva Samuels, Abbey Lakey, Madeline Good
Stage Crew: Jessica Stahl, Nylah Hindsman, Tali Burry-Schnepp, Grace Meredith, Diana Laura,Eustace Francis
Film Editing: Eustace Francis.